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This section is for secondary school students who are interested in pursuing educational enrichment on their own. Of course there are many, many places to find information about anything you're curious about, starting with wikipedia or your local library. But if you're looking for inspiration, or don't know where to start, we list here a few of our favorite enrichment resources for middle school students. If you've got a recommendation for a resource to add to the list, email elisabeth@CSESS to let us know!


General Resources


  • Irving Adler. Mathematics, The Story of Numbers, Symbols, and Space. ASIN: B000HZZ1BQ
  • Allison, Burns, and Weitzman. I Hate Mathematics!. ISBN: 0316117412
  • Marilyn Burns. Math for Smarty Pants. ISBN: 0316117390
  • Philip J. Davis. The Lore of Large Numbers. ISBN: 0883856069
  • Tobias Dantzig. Number: The Language of Science. ISBN: 0452288118
  • Geoffrey Mott-Smith. Mathematical Puzzles, for Beginners and Enthusiasts. ISBN: 0486201988
  • Clifford Pickover. The Math Book. ISBN: 1402757964
  • Raymond M. Smullyan. The Lady or the Tiger?. ISBN: 0812921178
  • Raymond M. Smullyan. What is the Name of This Book?. ISBN: 0486481980
  • F.S. Tom. How to Use the Chinese Abacus. ASIN: B0007J7WSC
  • Jean Murdock Peedie. Donald in Numberland. ASIN: B00088U5A4
  • Math Doodles:


  • Rachel Carson. The Sea Around Us. ISBN: 0195147014
  • Nelson F. Beeler and Franklyn M. Branley. Experiments with a Microscope. ISBN: 0690280041
  • Ira Freeman. All About Electricity. ASIN: B0029PREUS
  • Physics brain-teasers
  • Mechanical Stuff and Architecture:
  • David Macaulay. The New Way Things Work. ISBN: 0395938473
  • David Macaulay. Castle. ISBN: 0395329205
  • David Macaulay. Pyramid. ISBN: 0395321212
  • Harold A. Underhill. Plank on Frame Models and Scale Masting and Rigging. ASIN: B000GWF0DO



  • Edward Rutherfurd. Sarum: The Novel of England. ISBN: 0517223546
  • Snyder, Christopher. The World of King Arthur. ISBN: 0500051046


  • I Claudius, (BBC series based on the novel by Robert Graves). Available on DVD. ASIN: B001FRNB9O
  • The Iliad (Abridged audiobook of Homer's epic, read by Brian Jacoby). ISBN: 0143059289

Medieval Europe

  • Barbara W. Tuchman. A Distant Mirror. 0345349571
  • A bunch of relevant primary sources, neatly organized:
  • Stephen Slater. The Complete Book of Heraldry. 0681970545
  • David Macaulay. Castle. ISBN: 0395329205

Medieval Manuscripts


History through Manga and Anime


  • Keiji Nakazawa. Barefoot Gen. (Autobiography of a Hiroshima survivor in ten volumes). ISBN: 0867196025,086719619X, etc.
  • Kiyoshi Konno. Che Guavara: A Manga Biography. ISBN: 0143118161
  • Osamu Tezuka. Buddha. (biography of Buddha in eight volumes). ISBN: 193223456X, 1932234578, etc.
  • Natsuo Sekikawa. The Times of Botchan (ten volume biography of Natsume Soseki, looking at Meiji era in Japan.) ISBN: 8496427013,
  • Tetsu Saiwai. The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography. ISBN: 0143118153
  • Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Joan. (Biography of Joan of Arc in three volumes). ISBN: 1588990907, 1588990915, 1588990923


  • Hetalia Axis Powers: a historical fiction anime which explores European History.


  • Ingri D'Aulaire. D'Aulaire's Norse Gods and Giants. ISBN: 0385236921
  • Ingri D'Aulaire. D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. ISBN: 0440406943
  • Greek Mythology and Art:


  • E.H. Gombrich. The Story of Art. ISBN: 0714847038

Cave Art

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