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A Living Economy
When people say that the economy is a mess, what do they mean? What is the economy, and how does it work? How do recessions begin, and how can they end? How do government, business, and ordinary people affect the economy? This course addresses these questions through the use of a hands-on simulation. Students will take on the roles of different agents within the economy, and as different situations are presented to them, they will see for themselves how the flow of goods and money takes form.

Art of the Prank
There's nothing like a prank to make a society second-guess its reality. Tricksters from Hermes to Duchamp have perfected the art of the prank, while Hacktivists like Anonymous and Cult of the Dead Cow carry on the tradition into modern days. What role does the trickster play in society? How are pranks necessary? And, most importantly, how do you create the perfect one?

Constitution-Building 101
Modern governments are large and complicated, but in the end they are defined by the simple rules laid forth in their constitutions. In this course, students will learn about how constitutions work (and don't work) as they explore the United States constitution and discuss other ways that it might have been put together. They will then employ their newfound insights to craft their own constitution!

How to Create a Monster
Wherever there are people, they create monsters with which to terrify themselves. In this class, students will learn about the mythological origins of well-known fictional monsters and the psychological effects that cause them to resonate so deeply. Armed with this knowledge, you'll invent monsters of your own to terrify generations to come.

Conflict and Chaos in the Renaissance
The Thirty Years War was among the longest and bloodiest conflicts in European history, and also one of the most complex. In this lesson, students will explore the political and religious dynamics that drove the war, and the devastation that followed in its wake.

Introduction to Algorithmic Thinking
What is a computer program, and how are they written? This course will introduce students to the building block of computer programming: the algorithm. Students will write algorithms for activities they perform every day, exploring the challenges of thinking like a computer scientist.

Let Fiction Be True
We all know that life inspires art... but it is a deeper and greater truth that art inspires life. If we would change the world, we must first imagine the change we would make, and often that act of imagination is expressed through stories. In this course, students will explore the ways that language and fiction can set the stage for upheavals and revolutions that are anything but imaginary.

A Change is Gonna Come: Voices of the Civil Rights Era
Imagine having to eat at a different restaurant, ride in a separate train car, or use a separate drinking fountain due to the color of your skin. This was the reality for people of color before the dawn of the civil rights movement. Civil rights activists fought so future generations wouldn't have to live in such a world. Come embark on a journey back in time and experience the explosive movement that changed the course of history and the way of life for people of different colors, creeds, and sexualities.