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School's In: The Politics of Education in America
In most any school in New York City, or in the United States, kids go to school for about five days a week, for about six hours a day, and from about September to June every year. Have you ever wondered why? In this class, we will talk about the American school system, where it came from, and whether or not we should change it.

How to Fail
What do Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Oprah, and Bill Gates have in common? They're all incredible successes, but before that, they were also great failures. Failure is a beginning, and all great things start by finding what works by what doesn't. In this class, you'll learn what you can learn from failure, how to do it well and, ultimately, how it can lead you to success.

Do you want to conquer the #1 fear in America? Think you can convince people that a complete lie is the truth? Or just want to be less nervous during oral presentations in class? We see people speak in public all the time; everyone from teachers to politicians to celebrities. But more American adults fear public speaking than fear death. Conquer the fear and learn how to make you voice heard in this public speaking course.

The Ultimate Speed Limit
What does E=MC2 actually mean? What would the world be like if the speed of light were 50 mph? What would "real" time travel be like? Light, gravity, energy, and the nature of the entire universe all come from the ultimate speed limit. In this course we'll learn about the most famous theory of all time: Einstein's Theory of Relativity!

Understanding Your Crushes and Blushes
Where do our emotions come from? Have you ever thought about how you can feel different types of love? Check out our lesson on what causes you to feel an emotion, how you how you can manage your emotions, and when your emotions can become dangerous.

All the World's a Stage: Shakespeare's Legacy
Have you ever heard of William Shakespeare? No? Have you ever said the word "eyeball"? If so, then you've spoken the language of Shakespeare. Come find out who Hamlet is and what he has to do with your favorite Disney movies. Learn how to tease your friends like it's 1599!