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What is Money?
Why can't we just print more money and give it to everybody? What happens when a bank runs out of money? What does Wall Street do? In this class, we will answer those questions and explore how money flows around the world through banks, businesses, and governments.

Fun and Games: An Introduction to Game Theory
Games aren't always just for play or sport. Game theory looks at intelligent decisions and how players determine the best strategy for a given scenario. We'll look at simple games with a single turn and two players, as well as more complicated situations with many players and multiple turns. In addition to classic examples, we'll gain insight into some applications across business, economics, politics, and more

The Berlin Wall
Imagine waking up tomorrow to discover a wall built between the East and West sides of Manhattan, heavily guarded by soldiers with machine guns. Try to cross it, and you'd be shot. Subway lines would be cut, families would be separated, and jobs on the other side would be lost. Erected in the dead of night, 15 years after the end of World War II, the Berlin Wall divided the capital city of Germany into two parts from 1961 until its abrupt, unexpected fall in 1989. In this lesson, we'll learn about why it was built and the fateful story of how it accidentally came crashing down.

Free Trade
Have you ever walked into a store and wondered why certain products are produced in certain countries? Why don't we see the iconic "Made in USA" label more often? If any of these questions spark your interest or even if you think you've got the basics down, come learn about international trade and the costs and benefits of an international economy.

Unconventional Leadership
What makes someone a leader? This course on unconventional leadership will teach you how to build communication skills and develop innovative solutions in group dynamics. You will be exposed to the nature of leadership through activities including simulations, case studies, and public speaking exercises, sharpening your critical thinking skills and applying learned concepts toward effecting change.

Teaching Outside the Box
America is one of the most developed countries in the world, yet everyone keeps saying we're lagging behind in education. We'll use this lesson to look at the development of American education, including No Child Left Behind and the Common Core Curriculum, and examine where the system has helped teachers and where it hasn't. We'll also look at some unconventional teaching methods taking place around the world and debate their effectiveness on students. Finally, everyone will get a chance to make their own lesson plans to redefine what it means to teach.

Gender Stereotypes
"Man up!" "Act like a lady!" You have probably heard one or both of these phrases before, but did you know that these are gender stereotypes? Come learn more about what gender stereotypes are and how to identify them--and their many effects--in your everyday life!

Memeification: How Information Spreads Online
Doge, dat boi, grumpy cat--memes are everywhere, but why do we love them so much? How did they become so common? In this class, learn about how data spreads online, what kind of content is likely to stick in your brain, and how to master the internet's information economy.