For Students

Did you ever wonder...

  • What makes music beautiful?
  • What do all languages have in common?
  • What are stars made of?

If you ever have, or if you're wondering now, you might enjoy CSESS. CSESS is an after-school program that meets in January. Each day, you'll learn about the answer to a question like one of those listed above.

CSESS lessons are offered in several middle and high schools in the New York City area every year. If you'd like your school to be a CSESS partner next year, you can either pass this website along to a teacher or principal, or send us an email yourself ( to ask us to get in touch with your school. If your school is already a CSESS partner for the coming year, contact a teacher or principal for information about how to sign up for the program.

Our lessons are designed by the Harvard undergraduate instructors, and change every year. Course descriptions for the coming year usually become available in November. You can read about the lessons we taught last year here.

Check out our student portal here! The portal includes information about subjects we've taught about in the past, suggestions for interesting things you can learn about on your own, and information about other enrichment programs for intellectually adventurous students across the United States.

More questions? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at